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  • Sungmin who can’t stand his hyung’s boobs not being perfect

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  • FANGIRL CHALLENGE | [15/15] pairings (no specific order)

    Super Junior » 83LINE (Heechul and Leeteuk)

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  • the boy asked Heechul in Chinese to open the lollipop for him. Heechul thought he was giving it to him.

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  • FANGIRL CHALLENGE | [1/15] pairings (no specific order)

    Super Junior » HaeHyuk (Donghae and Eunhyuk)

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  • SMTOWN GLOBAL / SS6 VINE update / part 3 (part 1 here) (part 2 here)

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  • the different kinds of beatboxing in bangtan

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  • Follow the rules of the jungle

    The weak get eaten

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  • Leeteuk tearing up during SS6 Seoul Intro

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  • SS6 Hyukjae Solo

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